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Wednesday, September 15, 2010 The best advice of seasoned homeschoolers and other educators...

The best advice of seasoned homeschoolers and other educators...

Grab your favorite cuppa', scroll down to read the articles below -
then sit back and browse the Homeschooling Gateway to the Internet!

–Lillian Jones 

My open tabs...

I think it is time to shut down my laptop and let it rest.  But I have so many open tabs that I usually just put it to sleep so I don't lose anything.  Tonight I am going to post my open tabs here as a list so I don't lose them and will hopefully go back to read them.

1.   Weblinks from AHEA -

2.  T.O.B.Y.  highlights week 5 at Our Wholehearted Family -

3.  I just downloaded e-sword and these are some links for that -

4.  Researching fibromyalgia at the Mayo Clinic -

5.  The Book Depository -

6.  Yearbooks and Calendars -

7.  Yearbook sample -

8.  Red Deer Symphony dress rehearsal program (I want to take the kids to this) -

9.  General Canadian history books -

10.  What in the World? level 2 (this is social studies for next week) -

11.  Hebrew 4 Christians - The Jewish Calendar -

12.  10 tips for real food newbies -

13.  Lego Lapbook -

14.  Belinda's Notes on Lifestyle Homeschool -

15.  Sorta Crunchy -

16.  LOVE THIS ONE! - Just do the math -  /math_david_albert.html
quote from article - I had just explained how the Sudbury Valley School - a democratically managed, child-directed learning environment that has been around for almost 40 years - has demonstrated repeatedly that a child could learn math - all of it grades K through 12 - in eight weeks. Average (if there is such a thing), normal (never met one), healthy children, hundreds of them, learned it all, leading to admissions to some of the leading colleges and universities in the nation. 

17.  Curriki -   ( Curriki's mission is to provide free, high-quality curricula and education resources to teachers, students and parents around the world. Learn More )

18.  Articles on teaching spelling - 

19.  My Audio School - 

20.  Fibromyalgia research via Dr. Oz - 

21.  4 treatments for fibromyalgia - 


From Ann Voskamp

Wonderful words from Ann today )

These are her words that spoke to me tonight...

Experiencing God anywhere, everywhere.  


We who are loved much --- serve much.

Listen -- and then do.

I have loved until it aches, and found that the love consumes the ache, so there is only love --- much more love.

I have lost my voice — and I have found His. “This is the way; walk in it.”

you are writing a book...


I am off to Chapters tomorrow...

and look at what I received in my email inbox tonight....

Lead Me Not Into Temptation
Especially Bookstores
Hmmmm, what do you suppose it means?