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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Movie Sunday

Today we declared it to be a day of rest, a pj day, being totally lazy.  It has been wonderful.  Lazy days around here usually include movies and today we watched two on PPV.  This afternoon we watched "The Last Song".  This evening we watched "To Save a Life".  Both were good movies but the second was truly touching.  It was that movie I have been looking for, one where a person decides to follow God and yet their life doesn't all of the sudden become rosy and perfect.  It was real!  The journey we take here on earth to follow God is not always easy nor well accepted by those around us... when it is hard and uneasy, will we still choose to walk with God?  I love how this movie addresses this.  :o)

Thai Peanut Quesadillas

Yum!  These look great.

To get the recipe click here -

learn to live in the POINT of TIME

I like what Lisa from LISA'S NOTES had to say today:

Like people with Alzheimer’s do, learn to live in the “point of time” rather than just the “line of time.”


Past —> Present Moment —> 

We are always moving from past to future.


Past —> Present Moment <— Future

The present moment represents all moments.