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Friday, August 10, 2007

MIA since July 25th, where have I been...?

I have no idea! LMBO! I honestly don't. My brain seems to have taken a vacation without me this week and I am walking around in a complete fog. I am not kidding. I can't remember the names of people, the names of movies, my name... (just kidding but close). And I having the weirdest and most vivid dreams where I wake up and can't quite tell what was real and what wasn't. Remember something during the day and can't tell if it was in my dream or did it actually happen. I am so surprised my DH let me drive the car to town today. LOL

Well let's see, I can look at the calendar, maybe that will help. July 29th, my son turned 12, which means he is one year closer to being a teenager. YIKES! Where does the time go. That reminds me, I still need to plan a birthday party for him. Luckily he is being very patient with me.

Last weekend there was a wonderful event in my town. We had a community church service held on center street! We have 9 churches in out community and we all came together as the one Body of Christ on this day and worshiped together. It was awesome. I hear that this event will happen again next year, I am looking forward to it.

Wes finished the silaging before all this rain hit. That was a great blessing. Now I am ready for the sun to come back out to help me get out of these doldrums. Maybe it is because of the weather my brain took a vacation. I know I am person who NEEDS the sun on a regular basis. Note to self... look on the weather map and find out where it sunny and go get my brain! LOL

I had a very interesting discussion with a friend the other day about tithing. This can be a pretty touchy subject for some but luckily we are very open with each other and don't take anything personally. I shared with Wes the details of the situation and got some interesting responses from him as well.

I have been busy reading and planning for the new school year. I want this to be our best year to date. It will year 3 on this HS journey. But I think I have figured things out and God willing things will work out.

I have been babysitting the last couple of days, which has me getting out of bed at 6am. I no longer get up at this time of the day (I used to be a morning person and rose at this time with no alarm clock, but my DH has switched me around). So I have been dragging around the house, coffee has barely been helping. I feel a morning of sleeping in coming on for tomorrow!!! *smile*

I watched the movie Ghost Rider the other night. I didn't like it, way too evil for my taste. I am not even sure why I agreed to watch it. Jordan has requested to watch it, but that won't be happening under my watchful eye.

Well I am starting to nod off at the keyboard, so it is now time to go DO something to keep me awake. The kids won't be going home until 5:30, so I have some to kill yet. Maybe I could go and start to make my bed and accidentally fall on the bed and it will knock me unconscious and I can catch a few zzzzz's.

Till next time..... (when hopefully I will be more coherent...LOL)