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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sons of Korah Psalms 148


My favorite blogger Alan Knox has a gem again today entitled TRUST -

Alan writes at the end of this post -
" As I told Mark in a comment, I’ve started to think more and more of “faith” as trust. How much do I trust God? Do I trust God in spite of anything that may or may not happen with my life?"
In the comments section, AussieJohn wrote -
I like A.W.Tozers comment: “True faith is not passive but active. It requires that we meet certain conditions, that we allow the teachings of Christ to dominate our total lives from the moment we believe.”

Words are so important, actually the meaning and understanding of words are so important.  Over the past few years I try to always look up the definition of word to help me understand it better, because we all come with our own understanding of what a word might mean but when we dig deeper we see a we may have had it wrong.  Faith is definitely one of those words.  Another word I have "issue" with is believe.  So many of us say we believe in something yet there is no action/evidence to back up that statement.  I think the word trust could sometimes be used in the place of believe and we would get a clearer understanding of what it means to believe.

Teens becoming "fake Christians"???

This article at CNN Living, shares how teens are not really getting what it means to be a Christian, to follow Christ.  You can read the article here:

Khan Academy

This looks like a promising resource -

CNN wrote an article about the Khan Academy. -

Less is More

Over at the 5 MINUTE MOM BLOG, she reminds us that less is more.  We home school moms fall over ourselves always trying to do it all... all the best craft ideas, projects, curriculum, etc.  So today we can take a moment and be reminded that LESS is MORE. :o) --


Sarah Mae over at LIKE A WARM CUP OF COFFEE, has written a piece to show her view of what a legalist is or isn't.  You can find it here -

I just popped over to Stacy McDonald's blog (a link from Sarah Mae's) and I really like what she has to say here:

~~~ "Another related issue is idolatry. We focus on someone we "think" has it all together and we follow them, seeking to live like they do. Rather than study for ourselves and stand firm in what we believe, we often blindly embrace someone else’s convictions. Then, since the convictions weren't our own to begin with, we’ll waver and eventually give up in despair; because really, we weren't truly obeying God; we were just going through the motions. The result is that we blame the one we've been blindly "following." We blame our idol for our idolatry.

We must know what we believe and why. We must not follow anyone but Jesus. God is a jealous God and He wants our unrivaled worship, devotion, and love." ~~~
Stacy McDonald


Barbara Frank explains why it is important to teach our daughters about money --

commanding obedience

Things that make you go hmmm???


Political tyrants command obedience by threatening to use the sword.  

Religious legalists use the Lake of Fire.