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Friday, October 15, 2010

ALBERTA PRIME TIME discusses home education in Alberta

My mom caught a program last night that was discussing home education here in Alberta.  I was disappointed I had missed it but I did find the video on the web.  You can watch it here – (


“The number of Alberta parents choosing to teach their kids at home has risen dramatically in the last decade; the reasons ranging from religious convictions to just plain convenience.
While the Alberta government supports the option, providing funding and several program choices critics say home schooling puts children’s learning at risk.  They argue it limits student’s perspective, hampers socialization and worry the quality of education can suffer.
How does the quality of home schooled education compare to that of a classroom?  Is there enough monitoring to ensure standards are met?  And what long term impact does home schooling have on the student?
Joining us for this discussion are Larry Booi, a former teacher and past president of the Alberta Teachers' Association.  Ted Tederoff is president of the Alberta Home Education Association  and Marco Pacione vice principal at the Centre for Learning at Home, a fully-accredited and publicly-funded Christian school that specializes in home schooling and online education.”

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