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Friday, September 17, 2010


How about posting how your week has went:
HSing:  We started on Monday.  It was a great first day!  :o)
Meals:  No meals are sticking out as memorable.  I am so bored in the cooking department.  Good thing I am having my kids take over for two meals a week.  :o)
Home:  My house is a disaster area.  I find when we are super busy and out of the house we tend to not put things away and just pile.  I am thinking today is going to be a clean up and catch up day.
Travel:  We have been on the road a lot this week (travel plans from Tuesday to Saturday night).  Yesterday we were in Red Deer for a teen activity group lunch.
Reading:  We made a stop at Chapters yesterday, so we all have new books to enjoy.  Yay!
Kids:  The are both doing sleepovers tonight.  Deanna is having a friend over and Jordan is off to a friend's house.
____WILD LIFE IN THE WILDERNESS______ (you choose):  I love living in the backwoods but I don't like how the big animal wildlife has been showing up in our neighborhood the past few years (cougars, bears and wolves).  Wes saw a grizzly bear by our silage pit yesterday.  That has me a bit freaked out.