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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Camp Stumpy


Wes was reading a poem book by my favorite poet Helen Steiner Rice when he came across a poem that was a great reminder and description of our beloved Camp Stumpy.  :o)  (In the original poem the place is called Sleepy Hollow.)


Nestled by the river,

sheltered by the trees

Rests a little haven --

one of nature’s symphonies.

In this tranquil rendezvous

where peace and beauty blend,

There is sweet communion

in the meeting of a friend,

For in this shining solitude

false values slip away,

And only truth and beauty

seem planted here to stay.

In this refreshing refuge

all doors are opened wide

So faith and hope and happiness

can always step inside.

We call it Camp Stumpy,

but the name that I like best

Is just the home of happiness

where weary travelers rest.