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Monday, October 4, 2010

Change in the making by Addison Road

This song fits in well with our discussions yesterday with the church.  We are not pure, perfect, or sinless this side of heaven but we are changing each and everyday when we choose to obey and love Christ, to be discipled by Him.  He isn’t finished with us yet.  :o)

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3.  memorizing the phone book --- what do we really need to know?  -

I am reminded of a quote about the public school's curriculum being "a mile wide and an inch deep." Also, a comment by Einstein, who said he never memorized what he could look up, not even his own phone number! I believe it may be detrimental to try to teach children too much too soon. It makes me think of trying to memorize the phone book, just in case you need to use one of the phone numbers. Perhaps it would be better to teach children the things they WILL use (reading and math skills), and then teach them how to learn whatever it is they need or want to know? As an adult, isn't that what I do? When I need to know something, I don't go back to school to learn it, I go find out for myself, by either asking someone who knows, or looking up the information in books or on the computer.

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6.  what sundays were like in the 1950’s -

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