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Friday, January 7, 2011

rabbit trails for today…



1.  We caught the last 15 minutes of this show last night – THE LAST AMERICAN COWBOY -  who knew we could of been doing a reality show here at the ranch?  LOL!    Deanna wants to catch more episodes of this show.  When is it on?


2.  WE ARE ALL WOUNDED --- this spoke to me the other day, great post.      “We speak and act out of our wounds so often, that the words get mistaken for the person. See the person behind the words.”


3.    When does the church sing TO one another?  -


4.   I have been looking up different web pages about how to prepare teens for life.  I am putting together a list to share and discuss with Wes and the kids.  I will post it here to when I am done.

a great list of life skills -

this is a series of videos.  I don’t plan to order the videos but the questions listed would make good discussion starters -


5.  Eric Carpenter at A PILGRIM’S PROGRESS, is doing a series about house church.  He has captured the house church experience that I have been a part of very well.  This is just one of the posts of the series but he lists them all here as well.


6.    how to paraphrase (lesson to do with the kids) -


7.  Jesus wasn’t radical --


8.    John Piper: Reading as THINKING -