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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

late night tuesday with no internet




3.  BeeYouTiful  - "Healthy living for the Real World"  -

SuperMom vitamins

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4.  Planning Your Vision for Homeschooling (and The Life You Really Want) By Diane Flynn Keith -- – “Instead of making a list of academic goals, why not create a vision of what you want in your life?

5.  Unschool Your Teen Audio-Seminar & Resource Guide! - Find Out How Your Teen Can Bypass High School and Still Get Into a Competitive College and Have A Terrific Career!

I listened to this seminar today (Tuesday).  It was very good at shining the light on alternate paths than the one accepted by mainstream society for education and moving your way into a career.  I look forward to listening to it with my kids one of these days.

6.  GRRRRR!!!!!  My internet is not working AGAIN!  This is happening waayyy too often lately.  Definitely time to switch to something else.

7.  new blog I want to check out - Zero Tuition College Your Guide to Replacing College with Self-Directed Learning  ----


Well it is 10:46pm on Tuesday evening.  I can’t catch up on my email, nor surf the net…. so I guess I will go and check out the new books that arrived today from Amazon.  I will set this entry to publish tomorrow and hopefully the internet will be working tomorrow.  Sigh.  :o(


1.  The Assembling of the Church has posted a new item, 'What is edification? -
Relationship with one another'
Edification includes helping the community of brothers and sisters mature in
their relationship with one another.
You may view the latest post at


2.  Interview with baby photographer Kerianne Brown -

(I didn’t read the whole article yet, but the pictures are scrumptious!)


3.  The Mean Ol’ Schoolmarm Moment of the day is…  Compliment v. Complement --- do you know the difference? --


4.  ZERO TUITION COLLEGE  -- Zero Tuition College (ZTC) is a blog that explains how to replace the 4-year college experience with self-directed learning.  --


5.  How Do We Live Out Love, Practically? ---


okee dokee… I am off to Olds.  TTYL