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Friday, September 3, 2010

FELLOWSHIP -- B is best for fellowship


Jon wrote this on his blog:

The term Communion is derived from Latin communio (sharing in common). The corresponding term in Greek is κοινωνία, which is often translated as "fellowship". In Christianity, the basic meaning of the term communion is an especially close relationship of Christians, as individuals or as a Church, with God and with other Christians.

The word κοινωνία (koinonia) was in use in Greek even before the advent of Christianity. In classical Greek, it could apply to a business partnership, to fellowship of life in marriage, to a spiritual relationship with a god such as Zeus, to comradely fellowship between friends, to a community or society.

This summer I've enjoyed some great fellowship around campfires, on friends decks, around dinner tables, and in living rooms. I've had some brief fellowship on Sunday mornings before and after the service. But I think the campfires were the best though. :)

So what do you think the best setting for fellowship is?

I know that setting B is much better for fellowship.  :o)


And SWEET BLESSINGS does it again.  This is a great idea too!

found here -

And A New Menu To Boot…

Posted by Mama Honeybee on Aug 25, 2010 in Uncategorized |
We were inspired by our new chore system to revise our Menu System. Over the past few years I have printed out monthly menus and they have worked mostly ok. However, when things get really rollin’ along, the menu gets forgotten. For many reasons, we knew we needed to come up with a more efficient system.
I took the same Titus 2 Chore Pack template and made these cards. The actual food/drink items have magnets glued to the back. I left some tabs blank for all those fun new recipes I am always trying. But the staples are typed up and all ready to be placed on the week’s chart on the fridge.
The kids like to make the Breakfast and Lunch charts themselves. So, this lets them get creative and have say in what is served. :)
The nice thing is I can always come back and make more tabs, it is that easy. :)

Keeping track of drinking glasses -- which one belongs to who?

I love this idea!  


Eureka!! I’ve Got It….

Posted by Mama Honeybee on Sep 1, 2010 in Uncategorized |
During our busy school year we tug around our various water bottles, cups, etc. We tend to loose some along the way and I always end up refereeing a few heated arguments over whose bottle was whose.
After years of trying everything I could think of to otherwise label each child’s bottle, cup, or whatever…
I’ve got it!
I love the idea of those label bands you see in the back of the parenting magazines. I have always loved those, but I was not gonna pay those prices. Well, I’ve come up with my own fix for basically the same concept!
You know those nice little rubber bracelet bands that so many have?? Yes! Put those around whatever you need to label! Write on it with sharpie and you’re set. You can get a pack of 24 of the bands for $6 at Oriental Trading. That is more MY kind of pricing! :D
They are stretchy enough that they fit around any of our cups or bottles.
For emphasis in the picture, our name is Snuggles. ;)