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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

morning coffee time rabbit trails…




1.  YIKES!  I am glad we took our trip to the States before this level of body searches came into play -

2.  Popular Free Finds for Jr. High / Middle Schoolers  -

3.  Great literature website shared by a friend -

(found online)
Included on this site are study guides for a lot of middle/high school have to make up your own answer keys and tests, but the
discussion questions and activities included are really good. For my 7th
grader, I took several of these study guides and made them into lapbooks,
making minibooks for lots of the information contained in the study guide
(author info, setting info, as well as some book-specific content, like
point-of-view, symbolism, etc.). For my 5th grader (who hates to lapbook!),
I just printed out the study guide and she worked her way through it as she
read the book (we just finished Witch of Blackbird of my all-time

4.  I love this church’s website – focused on Acts 2:42 --

5.  Popular free finds for high schoolers -

6.  From my friend Terry (too good not to share):

I decided I would plan our Christmas HS and found

the below resources to help me.  Thought you would

like to see them as well.

Encouragement for the HS mom today - so good!

One of the things we will do FOR SURE is sing a Christmas Carol together each day.

I actually made a Hymn Binder last year and tried to teach the girls a new hymn every

week (we go to a church that sings mostly choruses and my girls didn't like the

hymns because they weren't familiar with them).  We discussed the words and sang

the hymn 2 or 3x that week - and the girls like them more....  Lots of good theology in

some hymns.