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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Wow, it was cold this morning.  Wes said behind the shop it was –38C.  Luckily the water didn’t freeze again.

1.  Last night Deanna had her dad edit her paper for the Arts Extravaganza.  It was great to see the two of them working together.  Jordan was listening in and commented that dad was a really good editor/writer.  I think Wes is a great teacher.  The whole process inspired the kids to give Wes a run down of the writing class we did with Sigmund Brouwer .  A great “kodak moment”.

2.  The kids spent the morning trying to convince me to go town today.  I was pretty hesitant due to the cold but in the end I gave in.  Deanna went to her volunteer position at the Thrift Store.  Jordan and I ran errands. 

3.  The afternoon was kind of quiet because the internet was down most of the time.  I was able to get a few things done around the house.

4.  Jordan has finished a book called – Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage by Cherry Hill.  (

5.  I gave Jordan a new book (it was suppose to be for Christmas) called Knights in History and Legend by Constance Berittain Bouchard. (

6.   There is a choir concert tonight that Wes and Deanna are performing at.  :o)  It is a fundraiser concert.

7.  Who will win Dancing With The Stars tonight?  I think it will be Jennifer, but this year it could be any one of them.

Rabbit Trails today --

1.  That Sinful Church -

2.  Canada’s Worst Driver (we watched this last night for the first time, could be an interesting learn driving skills resource) -

3.  Jordan is looking for some drawing lessons.  I found this website -

4.  Mathematics at -

5.  LOVED this!!!   - What is a disciple? - -- “A disciple is a person who has decided that the most important thing in their life is to learn how to do what Jesus said to do. A disciple is not a person who has things under control, or knows a lot of things. Disciples simply are people who are constantly revising their affairs to carry through on their decision to follow Jesus.”  -- for you mom :o)

6.  World’s most accurate grammar checker -

7.  Back to the Old Testament -

8.  50 Things the Holy Spirit does -

9.  I want to order this for Deanna – Barnyard in your Backyard -