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Friday, January 21, 2011


“Christianity and the Competition”

A seminar with historian Dr. Paul L. Maier (live!)

With all the world religions claiming to teach the truth, what makes Christianity any different?  The credentials of the Christian faith are compared to those of other religions.  There is no contest!

Who:  Dr. Paul L. Maier is Professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.  Dr. Maier has been teaching at WMU for fifty years.  He is a leading authority on the biblical world and a widely acclaimed author and speaker.  His seminars add a fresh dimension to the Bible, showing how important evidence from archaeological and ancient non – biblical sources support the Bible.  For more information on Dr. Maier, go to:

Where:  Christ Lutheran Church, Markerville, Alberta; 3203 Township Road 370.  We are located at the intersection of Township Road 370 and Range Road 32 in rural Red Deer County.

When:  Saturday, March 19, 2011, 9 AM to 3:15 PM

Cost:  $20 per person, including lunch ($70 for a family of four or more)

Registration:  Please pre - register by mailing a cheque made out to Christ Lutheran Church with “Maier Seminar” written on the memo line.  Be sure to include a list of names of all those who will be attending the seminar.  Kindly mail your registration and payment to:

Christ Lutheran Church, RR#1, Markerville, Alberta, T0M 1M0

Space is limited, so register early.  Registration will close on March 6, 2011.

For more information:  Please contact Christ Lutheran Church at:

(403) 728 – 3829 or at:, subject Maier Seminar

Answer below as general or as creatively as you like!!!

1. Breakfast for supper?   YES!  We love breakfast for supper around here.  Bacon and eggs.  Pancakes and sausage.  And when it is a fend for yourself night… some of us even have cereal for supper. 

2. Which Superhero would you be?  (Example; Superman, Wonder-woman, one of the X-Men, ect)  Hmmm, I don’t know.  I need Jordan here, he knows all the super heroes.  Maybe the Energizer Bunny!  I am always so low on energy, who knows what I could get accomplished with energy that just keeps going, and going and going…


3. Popsicle, Fudgesicle, or creamcicle?  I love fudgescicles but my favorite is a Revello.  Mmmmm! image

4. Did you watch Beverly Hills 90210 (the original)?  Nope. 

5. Favorite Candy as a kid?  I loved to Cream Eggs that came out at Easter time.  Now I find them completely awful.


6. Flowers or chocolate or diamonds for Valentines Day?  Flowers would be a nice surprise.  :o)

7. Which trend did you follow?  (ie acid wash jeans, scrunchies, perms, doc martins, plaid?)  I was a teen when Michael Jackson and Madonna were huge.  But mostly it would be tight jeans, poofy 80’s hair, scrunchies and perms.  :o)

image image
8.  Favorite sitcom growing up?  The Cosby Show and A Different World.

image   image
9. Did you own a Walkman?  Yep and a ghettoblaster.  Ha, ha, ha!

image image

10. Teen Idol crush?   I had a huge poster of Elvis on my wall.  I loved Ken Wahl from Wise Guy (TV show).  And of course Patrick Swayze and Bon Jovi!






1.  "It's good to do uncomfortable things. It's weight training for life." - Anne Lamott


2.  If life is a story…. what page are you on?  -


3.  my life plan…. - – “Fortunately, God loves me far too much to let me settle for the path I had mapped out. Now, my life plan looks something like this……”


4.  the year of freedom - -  “Yesterday on the way to work, I was struck by this thought: I spend a lot of time feeling guilty…….”


1.  Dynamic Infrared Quartz Heater (I think one of these for the front entry might be a good idea) -

2.  From SMALL NOTEBOOK –> “I’ve mentioned before how I use Evernote to save my ideas, recipes, and writing drafts. If Evernote is my idea notebook, then Dropbox is my file cabinet.”  -

“Dropbox lets you save your files online “in the cloud” so they’ll be safe when something happens to your computer. If my MacBook happens to get lost, broken, or stolen while I’m in Italy, I can replace the laptop, and Dropbox will save the files and pictures.

There are several online backup services around–Mozy and Crashplan are popular ones, but Dropbox is different.”

3. “consider leadership experience something that happens when you are doing what you love long enough to get good at it.” -- When Homeschooling High School, Love Leads to Leadership --

J W says:

Passion for something will naturally lead to a desire to share it. We call that sharing leadership. I’ve heard (and disregarded) tons of advice on what my children ought to be doing – and mostly it comes from people who wished they had had the opportunity to learn or do X, Y, or Z themselves. However, if my child’s heart does not desire X, Y, or Z, it doesn’t matter how worthy a pursuit X, Y, or Z is, that child will never obtain the joy and delight that inspires other like-minded people to follow and grow in their skill. No one wants to follow someone who’s just going through the motions.

4.  My nephew recently found out he has some vision learning difficulties.  This website shows more information about it. -  The Critical Link Between Vision and Learning

5.  Developing a personal mission statement -  - “Simplifying and prioritizing in your life all begin with developing your core foundation, a vision, a mission, a plan. This is a key foundation for the second step of developing a structure, routine, and schedule for your life. We need to build a foundation. What are your priorities? Are you doing the right things that God has assigned for you? What does this look like in my daily life? Having a mission is a beautiful thing. It brings clarity, purpose, and direction for your life. Every decision and event that comes to the table can be filtered through your personal mission statement.”


6.  Ideas and tips for a picnic in the snow --

7.  Design your own Masters -  -- “Then I realized something amazing–I don’t really want a master’s.  I just want to learn.  There’s no reason I need to complete a degree so someone else can deem me “educated.””

8.  The Assembling of the Church has posted a new item, 'What is edification? -
The conclusion to my series on "What is edification?" What would add to my
You may view the latest post at

9.  I would love to get this book - Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology.  (

Product Description

As all lovers of language know, words are the source of our very understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Often, however, our use of language is so automatic that we neglect to consider where those words came from and what they assume. What are the implications, beyond the simple dictionary definitions, of using words such as privilege, hysteria, seminal, and gyp?

Browsing through the pages of The Barhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology is likeexploring the historical, political, and rhetorical wonderland of our linguistic heritage. We see the evolution of ideas, as rootword connections that now seem arbitrary are traced to schools of thought from the past. We also find an opportunity to examine how the sometimes backwards, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes illuminating ideologies built into our language affect our modern thinking.

Written in a fresh, accessible style, this book provides the derivations of over 21,000 English-language words without resorting to the use of abbreviations, symbols, or technical terminology. Drawing on the most current American scholarship, and focusing onthe core words in contemporary English, The Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology is both a diverting browse and a thinking person's Bible.

10.   I have started a wish list on Amazon -

11.    “Unschooling is full-time, self-directed learning. Everyone here has experienced self-directed learning: maybe while taking an elective class, or working on a really interesting project, or doing personal reading. It’s when you’re learning for the sake of learning—no matter if it’s structured or unstructured. The Unschooling Mindset says: Why not do this more often?  Why not do this full-time?

I’d like to share the stories of three unschoolers I know who illustrate how full-time self-directed learning can look.”

12.  Bottom Up Education --

13.  I love Christie’s quick journal pages - and

14.  Freedom Experiment 2011 -“My Freedom Experiment last year was Letting Go. Finding my way to Yes.  This year, I want OUR Freedom Experiment to be:
truly experiencing the things we say Yes to. Giving real time to Yes.
Because I want us to learn with both hands. I want us to look closely, immerse ourselves; I want us to swim deeply, drink deeply, learn deeply. And when we're ready, to move on.”


Teneal Jasmine

Teneal Jasmine

I am looking forward to seeing her and giving her a cuddle from Auntie Pam.  :o)


The name Teneal originates from Australia and means powerful and strong.