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Thursday, February 3, 2011



what is Christian leadership????  Food for thought…


Inspiring Speech About Learning Differently - Temple Grandin (Autism)



I want to see this movie:

Deanna has her new glasses



She says the world is so much clearer now.  :o)

Cow Whispering 101



Yesterday Wes taught a lesson on low stress cattle handling (which I like to call cow whispering…LOL).  His students were 7 kids ages 7 to 15.  Wes  was sharing methods he had learned of the Bud Williams method.  Many of the kids help out here on the ranch sometimes, so Wes wanted them to understand the theory behind what he tells them to do in the cattle pens.  Wes is planning on having the kids over again to show them the methods in action in the pen.

Here are some links about Bud Williams:  (I sent this one to the participants this morning as a follow up to yesterdays lesson.)

Here is a video that demonstrates low stress handling using the pressure and release methods:

and another

this one uses a horse and dogs as well:

Video of cattle handling at Maddux Ranch in Nebraska. Cowboy is using the Bud Williams "bud box' to move calves into a double alley. Note the use of flagged handling stick. The cowboy never raises his voice to move the cattle, just the stick, horse, dogs and facilities.