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Monday, August 30, 2010

Freedom with a college degree?

The myth of a college degree being the key to success is slowly being exposed for what it is these days.


Hmmmm???  What is a digital vacation?

A great idea.  :o)

Perhaps tomorrow.  

a portion of the MOVEMENT OF GOD

At the NT/HISTORY blog, I found this moving entry...

a quote from this piece:

All this while, God had not lost the desire for His own Movement to thrive on the Earth.  He still wanted to be an (or the) impetus for human action.  He definitely wanted to bring change.  He dearly wanted to find some ones who would follow Him.  He desperately wanted to find people on Earth whom He could walk with, in any part of the day.

what's ordinary?

You have to check this out!  I love how she turns the ordinary into the extra-ordinary!  What a great perspective!

plans for the week (weekly question from my online home school group)

Who is back to HSing this week?
No academics in our home this week.  We are still hard at work getting the haying and grain harvested.
Who has one more week of vacation?
No vacation here either... just work, work, work.  Well actually we are hoping to sneak in a camping get away this weekend.  (Fingers crossed! )
HSing and Educational Extras
1.  I ordered a math book set for Deanna last week, it should be in this week.  Then I can see how best to approach math with her this year.
2.  I still have no plan for the school year.  Not sure what to do about that.
3.  Deanna wants to volunteer at the local thrift store this year, so I need to go and get more info about that.
4.  I am attending the FLT moms lunch this week

Home and Extras
1.  Need to pull some stuff from the garden.  Deanna has been keeping up with the peas but I think we should dig up the carrots this week.
2,  Prepare the camper in hopes we go camping.
3.  Drive to Strathmore to pick up Ray on Thursday.
Baking plans for this week:
I don't bake (well very rarely), I prefer to cook. 


A friend shared the link to the SIMPLE HOME SCHOOL website with an article called EDUCATIONAL GOALS FOR THE WHOLE CHILD.  You can read it here -

It is a great reminder that the education that we give our children will need to help them in THEIR life, that they are not an extension of us (parents), but they will go on into their own adult lives, make their own choices (good and bad), mistakes and such.

The author encourages us to write down a list of lesson and skills that will serve to enlarge their life. I like the list she has put together, I am pretty sure mine will be very similar.  :o)


Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: “I am with you kid. Let’s go.”
~Maya Angelou