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Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday morning coffee time…

1.  Great page about unschooling.  The author asked the question about unschooling and the comment section was very informative, presenting the many sides and understandings of what unschooling can be.  -

2.  STREWING – unschooling resources --

3.  Update on cat allergic reaction – I am better this morning but for a while last night I was thinking I may have needed to go the hospital.  I can’t believe how much my chest hurt and was so tight.  I took the allergy pill and I drank a can of coke (caffeine opens the airways).   Today my nose is till a bit plugged, but my chest is normal.  I think I may have to keep allergy pills on hand in my purse (non-drowsy ones).

4.  How I justified buying a KINDLE - 

5.  The Lifestyle of a Minimalist Digital Nomad – and Why You Don’t Need To Be One   ---
There were several things that I considered essential based on their ability to replace multiple objects: a laptop, a good camera, and a smartphone.
The digital camera, for example, became both my video camera and my scanner. The smartphone became a whole slew of other small accessories: Calculator, address book, MP3 player, WiFi finder, and more.
The laptop became my entire library, full of ebooks, podcasts, and maps. It also acted as my filing cabinet, containing digital copies of anything that I didn’t require a hard copy of (I use the digital camera to capture high-res images of papers and receipts).
The Internet is probably one of the most useful tools: I use it to research the places I’m going visit, find and reserve cheap places to stay, purchase airplane tickets, and even take care of all my banking and bill payments. It also acts as my primary means of communication with Skype, Email, Facebook, and Twitter. I even check my physical postal mail online using a service called EarthClassMail.
A minimalist digital nomad eliminates physical objects and reduces the requirement to be in a physical location by finding creative ways to use technology.

6.    5 things travel can teach you --
to slow down, to live in the moment, patience, our daily problems are not such a big deal, don’t take things for granted…
7.  As I read this article ( 9 NOMADIC PRINCIPALS FOR EVERYDAY LIFE, I kept thinking this is great advice and principals for Christians… because this place is not our home…. we are nomads in a way… following the Holy Spirit…
it is still making me think.  :o)

8.  Online communion and cyber church?? -

9.  Cyber church on Facebook -

10.  from the FELLOWSHIP blog carnival, two of the entries I have read and struck a chord with me
*  It’s not coffee talk -
*  What is fellowship? -

11.  Order in our relationships -

12.  A Mother's Discipline Should Point Daughters to God's Truths  --

13.  What Daughters Need from Dads  --

I guess I had better go and do something today.  I really rather just be lazy today.  ;op