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Sunday, December 4, 2011

a sacred place?

Read these two articles:




I like this quote from them:

“Here is what I wanted to write down. There is no sacred place. You can not somehow channel God's Spirit through a certain scale of things, a certain size of building, a certain type of design, or even a certain type of activity there. I believe God is just as up to something in the sub shop, in the mechanic's garage, in the retail outlet, at the editor's desk as he is in a church building. Maybe more so.

I believe you can obliterate every churchy building there is, and the church of Jesus Christ will not be tarnished in the least. When no place is sacred, our faith becomes a profane faith. It is lived out everyday. And the renewing hand of God can be seen in the restaurant, the car dealership, the school.

If our faith is such that a fancy building we visit once a week is letting us off the hook or immunizing us from living out faith where the rubber meets the road, we have yet to come into life-changing contact with the good news of Jesus Christ. Because he is good news in real life, not just for one hour one day a week. And so there is no sacred place.”

and this quote:

“God is working all around us and it often seems that He is working the most in the places that we recognize the least. Neighbors helping one another, a mother comforting a hurting child, Christians sharing a time of warm fellowship over a cup of coffee. We don't see those things as nearly as important as "church" but I think God is far more glorified in simple acts of fellowship and love than He is in our vain attempts at "worship". There is absolutely a place for intentional gatherings of the church but they should be a part of our everyday lives, not an event to be attended. Check out the rest of Jon's thoughts and leave a comment or three! ”

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