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Thursday, May 2, 2013

“And at this moment, on a warm California evening, I am reading this list and wondering . . . who do I want to be going forward?”

A Deeper Family (on Facebook)

"I want to send roots deep into the beauty of life, to stand in slack-jawed joy at the wonder of it all.
I want to be brave and kind and encouraging.
I want to admit my flaws, own up to the messiness, look in the mirror without hesitation, and tell the ugly voices within to shut the hell up — because that’s exactly where they come from.
I want to raise my hands to heaven with gratitude at least a hundred times as often as I raise my fists in frustration.
I want to lean into the future with anticipation, come what may. I want to own my wrinkles and my cellulite, to celebrate the long life that has thinned my hair and thickened my waistline, to embrace the inevitable losses because of the inestimable gains.
I want to stand there when I’m 78 or 88 or 98 (really???) and look back at 68 and say: That was a great decade, wasn’t it?
I want to live until I leave."

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