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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Together :o)

I love this blog post:


hands Bible

More from Ann in What Now?:
You learn to be helpful and you learn to ask for help. It turns out that most positions in life, even the big ones, aren’t really so much about leadership. Being successful, and certainly being happy, comes from honing your skills in working with other people. For the most part we travel in groups—you’re ahead of somebody for awhile, then somebody’s ahead of you, a lot of people are beside you all the way. It’s what the nuns had always taught us: sing together, eat together, pray together.
Together. That’s how God designed the body of Christ. While we can do many things solo, we only get that beautiful harmony effect when we do them together. We serve together; worship together; love together.
Where would I be without you? Alone. No thanks. I choose together.

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