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Monday, November 22, 2010


Well this Monday started a little rough (although not as bad last Monday), I woke up to find I had no water, the pipe was frozen.  Luckily I was able to get the pipe thawed and make some coffee before the morning went totally to the dogs.  :o)

Today's adventures have included:

1.  We had a great family discussion about a problem a friend is having with her 15 year old son.  (Update:  a friend has a 15 year old son who is a night owl and she doesn’t want him to be a night owl because it disrupts the family’s daily routine in the mornings and more.  So I read her email to my family to get their input on the situation.)

2.  Wes and Jordan went out to measure for ordering tin for Jordan’s horse shelter.  Plus they ordered the tin which will be in Dec 3.

3.  Deanna made lunch for everyone.

4.  Wes asked us about bookwork.  We (meaning the kids and I) danced around the topic with him, but we do need that extra push from him.  So after lunch the kids and I had a family meeting about how we want to proceed with book work learning now that we have had a push from dad and the snow is here (I have been saying we would buckle down once the snow arrived).

5.  I showed the kids an online grammar game that they are having fun with – GRAMMAR NINJA -

6.  I also sent them a page with online math games -  (I don’t like the pac-man version.)

7.  Deanna is working on her ARTS EXTRAVAGNZA project today too.

8.  I have a roast in the oven, in smells super yummy!

9.  We watched this video of people doing some amazing (and in my opinion stupid dangerous) things -

10.  Jordan’s iPod died.  I think the battery gave up, won’t charge anymore.  So I need to find out where to send the iPod to get a new battery installed.  But Jordan is thinking he is going to upgrade to an iPod touch.

11.  I installed my mom’s monitor on my desk top computer and it seems to be working fine.  So it looks like the problem was my monitor and not my video card.  I need to get a new monitor.

12.  Jordan has taken to teaching Deanna guitar.  Her poor little hands have a hard time reaching and get tired quickly.  :o)

13.  The internet is is working very poorly today, it keeps cutting in and out.  :o(

14.  Tonight is a TV night…. Dancing With The Stars (the finale!!!), Lie to Me and House.

Time to go help make supper (Deanna is working on it right now).  TTYL

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