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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My computer needs to restart

I need to close my tabs and restart my computer, so I am going to list them here so I don’t lose them.  (I haven’t read these yet, just have them open so I will remember to read them).

  1. PARAKLETOS: A Greek Word for Holy Spirit -
  2. Free math arcade games -
  3. That artist woman (discovering life one art adventure at a time) -
  4. 7 universal truths about raising teenagers -
  5. The tithe something not taught in the church -
  6. I hate going to church -
  7. PBS for teachers -
  8. Online etymology dictionary -
  9. Momma and me journals -
  10. Our old fashioned education -
  11. Reconciliation blog carnival -  (I listed this the other day, but I really want to remember to go back and read the entries.)
  12. ***I need to reply back to my PYOC buddies
  13. read my new Small Homes book I downloaded last night

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