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Sunday, November 7, 2010

not speaking the names of other gods?

Lori-Dawn has left a new comment on your post "more rabbit trails… (I don’t seem to be in a writi...":
So what are your thoughts on not speaking the name of other gods?? You can't just post something and not offer any opinions!!! That's just wrong!! hee hee

Hi Lori-Dawn,

What are my thoughts?  Well I think I had read a similar response on this same topic a while ago.  I think that it is more than speaking the names that we are to watch out for, but to not give these so called gods any power or foothold in our lives.  Speaking their names does not give them power over me, but choosing to be tempted by their stories or how they were worshipped and such is a different story.  As this author pointed out that our Lord would have been breaking his own warning because he himself did speak their names.  I think having the Hebrew understanding of words and communication is key in learning from the Bible too.  I took time to watch the video series that was linked with this blog post.  It was very informative.  I found it interesting how the Hebrews thought and communicated in more concrete terms versus our Greek influences of abstract thought.  Now I am interested in reading the Bible message with an eye towards “what would be the concrete lesson/message here?”

This is the first video of the teaching series, there are 7 in all.  I find the Hebrew language fascinating.

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Lori-Dawn said...

I guess I just wonder what goes on in the Spiritual realm when we unknowingly even speak the names in everyday life. for example the days of the week...I agree that simply saying their names have little power, but I wonder if there is more power than we realize if God specifically told us not to speak of know? I'm gonna watch the video you posted tonight when my house is they look good! I'm facinated by Hebrew too..