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Monday, November 1, 2010

Rabbit trails…

1.  Let me love you - -

But over and over again I’ve heard God’s unmistakable voice:

“Let Me love you through My people.”

In allowing myself to receive others’ love, I’ve discovered new depths of the love of God. I’ve experienced more of His character. I’ve encountered aspects of who He is that can only be expressed through His people.

I’ve learned to love more deeply.

2.  Eating together = anti-ritual??? - -  How do you spell fellowship?  F-O-O-D!  :o)

3.  How does Febreze work?

4.  How to clean your hair without shampoo -

5.  Beautiful things - -

Four years ago I gave God the pen of my life and surrendered my will and heart’s desire to His higher purposes. My life changed at that moment.

I’m the girl who needs to remember WHO is in control of the pen. I need to live out my life in obedience for an “audience of One” and pray He uses my steps to touch whoever He chooses. That is His plan.

My story is one He writes for HIS purposes, not for my own. He can use even me, an imperfect, awkward and invisible girl who shares God through beautiful things.

6.  60 ways to make life simple again -

Life is not complex.  We are complex.  Life is simple,
and the simple thing is the right thing.
- Oscar Wilde

7.  You’ve changed -

You have changed the way I do everything
You have changed the way I wear my wedding ring
You have changed the way I treat my family
You have changed the way I see all my friends
You have changed the way that I spend my time
You have changed the way that I use my mind

And we can praise God that He’s not finished changing us yet!

8.  Inspiration for the kids - -

About a month ago there was a convention of kids – amazing kids! But one thing I want you to remember as you watch these inspiring videos is that they are kids just like yours and just like mine.

9.  How to lift your writing to new heights in just 10 minutes -

10.  Fibromyalgia -

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