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Saturday, November 13, 2010

rabbit trails for today…

  1. No sew, no knit homemade gift ideas -
  2. Make your own condensed soup -
  3. Taking pictures, self-confidence, alopecia  -
  4. Math games: 180 reproducible activities to motivate, excite and challenge students grades 6-12 -
  5. Great article about career advice and following your passions - - “These compelling careers unfold as follows: You choose something. You work hard at building skills. You fail at some things and respond by shifting your attention to other things that work better. Over time, as you become more valuable to the world and confident in your ability, interesting opportunities finally start to arise. It is here, it seems, surprisingly late in the process, that passion reaches full bloom.”
  6. Practicing biblical hospitality -
  7. How to cook steel cut oats -
  8. I am making this casserole for the potluck tomorrow but substituting chicken for the sausage -
  9. General potbellied pig care -
  10. Winter and the outdoor pig -

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