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Monday, November 1, 2010

FREE freezer cooking class!

Shelley is now offering a freezer cooking class.  It is all about FREEZER cooking- one of my favorite topics.  And BEST of all- it is FREE.  Yep.  I love Freezer cooking and I love FREE.

Here are all the details you will want to know about this class:

The class will have 20 short video lessons.  These are all online, so no travelling, driving, or worrying about the children - you can do it when it suits your schedule.

Fresh From the Freezer Cooking Class

This class is made up of short video lessons that you watch online, each
one showing you step-by-step how to successfully use your freezer to help
make meal preparation easy.

**She's already posted the first 5 lessons already, so if you sign up now,
you can get started right away.**

Do you think freezer cooking is intimidating?  Well, if I can do it, I know you can, too- but just so that you know you really can do this, you can watch the videos from your own home and I am sure you will find it is going to be very "do-able" for every cook. 

Short on freezer space?  Shelley will cover that issue as well.

Woried about whether freezer food tastes good? Shelley will be teaching you recipes that she has personally frozen so that you will not have to wonder about whether or not something freezes well- all the guesswork is eliminated.

Are You Ready? You can sign up here >

Fresh From the Freezer Cooking Class




Hi Pam,
Thanks for signing up for the Fresh From the Freezer Class.
In fact, YOU are going to determine just how fabulous this class
is. Here's how it works.
1. The more people who sign up for this class, the more videos
I'll release :)
2. So, send an email to three of your friends (or more) and invite
them to the general sign up page here >
(If you're an affiliate, be sure to use your affiliate link.)
3. Post a message on Facebook or Twitter and invite your friends
to sign up here >
Then something magic will happen.
More subscribers = more videos!
Are you ready to begin?
Watch the first Introductory video here >
Once you watch the introductory video, the link to the other
lessons can be found in the very top-right hand corner of the
screen - just click where it says LESSONS in all capitals.
All best,

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