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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today has been a nice quiet day.  I slept in (yay!), I was suppose to go to Olds for my mom’s PYOC class but my driveway was not being cooperative so I opted to stay at home instead of being out on the roads.  We were were out on them yesterday and they were terrible.  Actually our county was keeping the roads pretty good by the neighboring county to the north hadn’t done anything with the roads and they were like a skating rink.  So this afternoon I have relaxed, did some reading, cleared away some clutter and I have put together my very first lasagna!  I have never made one before but I really love this dish so I figured it was time to try.  It is in the oven baking now, I hope it is as good as Lori’s.  :o)

I think the rest of the day will include some light house work, supper and watching TV.  Thursdays are our heaviest day for TV shows.  We watch Mentalist, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.  And then it will be off to bed. 

Rabbit trails for today:

  1. Careership – an online adventure of career exploration -
  2. I want to put together a babysitting notebook (well actually I would like Deanna to put one together) because this month she is going to start babysitting solo at the family’s home (instead of at our house under our supervision)……. *   *     *
  3. Love your enemies  --
  4. The gift that starts the home  - – Deanna would like to start a hope chest for her future home, so I am looking at ideas for Xmas. 
  5. Grappling with God’s justice? --
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  7. FREE calendar and day planner download --


Becky said...

We've been doing a hope chest up for each of the kids since they turned 10 ..... it's been a great experience, so far, putting them together.

Hope you'll do a post about what you guys will be putting in it & other ideas that you find for it. ˚Ü˚

Anonymous said...

How did the lasagna turn out (sorry I was suppose to send you my recipe - I'm WAY behind in my emails right now). Hope it was yummy! Sounds like a wonderful day - I was on the road - they weren't too bad - but I would of rather had been home.