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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday afternoon …



1.  What should an education accomplish? -

Michael Altarriba says:

Education should teach students how to think logically, how to find the accurate answers to their questions, how to learn about what they're interested in, how to critically examine what is seen and heard. Education should also provide a solid foundation of knowledge in a variety of subjects.
Such an education should include learning a facility with the available tools... and the most accurate, most reliable tool we have for questions along the lines of "How does reality work?" is the scientific method.

2.  I need to make a Home Management Notebook -

3.  BOOK = Not so Fast Slow Down Solutions - --

Product Description

Frenzied families find themselves fragmented in this high-speed, fast-paced, goal-oriented society. Even while racing to second jobs, appointments, lessons, practices, games and clubs, we crave an antidote. How do we counteract the effects of our over-committed culture? Replenish our depleted selves? Restore our rushed relationships?

Not So Fast: Slow-Down Solutions for Frenzied Families explores the jarring effects of our high-speed, high-pressured, highly-scheduled lives and offers refreshing alternatives. Author Ann Kroeker relates her own story of how embracing a slower everyday pace has resulted in a richer, fuller, and more meaningful life.

Practical ideas and insight will spark creativity and personal reflection. Plus, ponder real-life stories from parents who put the brakes on the high-speed lifestyle and reaped the rewards of richer relationships. Not So Fast offers hope that families struggling with hurried hearts and frantic souls can discover the rejuvenating power of an unrushed life.

4.  Great resource for all things boys - 

5.  You will be happier with less -

6.  The fine art of napping -

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