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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good morning

I am not feeling very well this morning, so I am going to cozy up in my chair with my big brown blanket and do some internet reading.  Be warned there could be a lot of rabbit trails today.


1.  On Missing School - – I always thought my kids (who went to public school for a few years – Jordan grade 4, Deanna grade 2) would miss school, well at the very least miss the kids at school.  I always awaited the day they would ask to go back.  But that day never came.  The love the freedom and experiences of home education. 

2.  The way to feed a hungry heart: letters about serving with words - -  Have I ever mentioned how much I love Ann Voskamp’s writing, it is just so soothing.  I look forward to her book coming out in January (I have even pre-ordered it.)  Although this entry was not written by her (it was by another favorite – Heart to Heart with Holley), it is still so beautiful.  Writers asking the Father if He has any words for His hungry daughters today…. beautiful.

3.  I love this quote from the above link - I am the servant and not the source.”

4.  Ann’s letter to Holley -

5.  Cooler than McGyver: a post about HOPE -

6.  “The Lord’s Supper is a feast of good and bountiful food with fellowship centered around Christ, a picture of the marriage banquet of the Lamb. It is a time to give and share liberally with our brothers and sisters in Christ.” --

7.  a HOLY church - 

8.  Elder Rule/Control vs Example -- (this article speaks very much to my friends trouble I wrote about last night) -“I knew he learned all his leadership ideas from well practiced systems that other men had widely taught.  It was clear to me that people who thought for themselves and tried to make a difference with their own faith might have a problem under these men's watchful eyes.  But where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.  Too bad men like this are so suspicious of other Christians that they feel the need to control them.”

9.  Overlording: usurping God himself -

morning coffee time is over…. be back with more later.  :o)

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