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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday morning – rabbit trails



1.  POW! BAM! BOOM!  Take that Satan!  --


2.  Loving our children with the written word --


3.  Who is St. Nicholas?  Who is Santa?  Are they the same?  - (yesterday was St. Nicholas Day for those who celebrate it.)


4.  We watched two documentaries last night.  One was “EARTH” (  It was a great piece of work, so many breath taking shots.  The other one was “SUPER SIZE ME” (  WOW!  I cannot believe how fast his body was compromised by eating only fast food (under 30 days) and then how long it took to regain his health (about a year). 


5.  Dangerous Sunday, the day --  (click on the link to read the whole post but here is a clip from it:

What do I mean by “dangerous”? Primarily, I mean those practices that teach things that are contrary to our reality and identity in Christ. I’m talking about practices that are certainly used by God, but are not necessarily the best that God has provided for his children.

For this first installment, think about the day – Sunday. In many cases, “church” is defined by the day. The same group of people can do the same things on Monday, but it’s not considered “church” because it didn’t happen on Sunday.


6.   What is Always the First Step, No Matter Where You Are: Where the Best Words Always Come From  --


7.  16 minute meals --


8.   An online friend was sharing about this dvd series – FAMILIES OF THE WORLD -


9.  What the world eats – a photo essay --,29307,1626519,00.html


10.  Julie Bogart (of Bravewriter) had this to say today in her email: (love it!)

Writing is the one skill (unlike soccer, ballet and video gaming) that your children

  • will never outgrow,
  • will use every day,
  • and will leave you with treasured, written memories.

Your kids deserve to know that writing is a friend, not a foe.


11.  What will we do with our words? - – please read the whole post at the link

A Commitment of Words

We commit to using our words to defend and heal, not to harm.

We will not gossip.

We will not belittle.

We will guard our sisters by always speaking the best about them, encouraging them into all God would have them to be, and offering grace instead of condemnation.

We will be loyal and loving, remembering that even if we disagree we still fight on the same side–never against each other.

We will use our words to build up not tear down, to bring hope and not hurt.

We offer our words as a powerful weapon to fight for each other on the side of all that is good, right, and true.


12.    … “There are still nights when the quietness of a house slumbering gives way to the whispers of the evil imitator. He masquerades as a substitute for the Holy One. He picks at that hidden wound, stubbornly trying to reopen it. He taunts and pokes. His words gnaw and claw until I am bloody and broken.  The next morning, battered and bruised, I quietly make my way to the recliner tucked into the corner of the living room, the altar where I meet my Lord and find healing. His Word washes over me like a soothing balm, penetrating deep until it finds the scar freshly irritated.”…  -- From Trash to Treasure -



well time to go and take on the day…  :o)

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