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Friday, December 23, 2011

two thoughts that were note worthy.

I listened to a podcast from the “God Journey” last night and wrote down two thoughts that were note worthy.

1.  An atheist once told Wayne that he thought that “We have a Father who loves us more than we know and if we could sort that out we would know how to treat each other.”  When Wayne asked the atheist why he wasn’t a believer then, his response was – “because I have never seen it lived out before.” 

Isn’t that a great line… “We have a Father that loves us more than we know…”  :)


2.  The bride is focused on the bride instead of the groom. 

I didn’t catch the full meaning of this at first but after I did it was quite profound, it says exactly what we see in todays Christian circles.

The bride = His church… the church is focused on the church instead of the groom (groom = Christ).

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