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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


100_4042cattle drive (5)Jordan (1)Jordan (6)Jordan (10) 

Registered Student from 2000 to 2012.

Attended Public School from kindergarten till the end of grade 4.

Jordan was a traditional home education student from September 2005 till June 2012.

I interviewed Jordan on May 26 using the graduation interview format shared by Wes Beach at his website -

“There is no graduation from education.” ~Greg Denning

Jordan (37)



1. Why do you want to be done with high school? Why do you think you will be successful even though you haven't done all the usual courses associated with high school learning?

(J) – I have heard adults and teachers alike say that the stuff they learned in high school, they do not use the information given to them in high school, nor do they remember a lot of it. I would rather use my time doing and learning things that are beneficial to me now. I can always take time in the future to learn the things traditionally taught in high school. When I need to know it, I will learn it. I can be successful because I know how to learn, I am a problem solver and I know where to go to find the resources I will need to learn and I do well in what ever I choose to take on.

2. What are your plans for the next few years? You don't have to have everything planned out; just tell me what plans you do have, even if they are very vague.

(J) - I want to get my house ready to move into. I would like to do some volunteer work at the James River Horse Palace. I will work at 43 Ranch. I would like to purchase another horse, maybe get one that I can gentle.

3. Do you feel you know your own capabilities well? Are you confident in yourself? Are you reasonably certain you can follow through with the plans you talked about in the previous question?

(J) - I think I know my own capabilities and I am somewhat confident in myself. My experience has been that I can take on most projects that Dad has given me on the Ranch, but sometimes I need him to leave (not watch me) so I can figure things out on my own. I do believe I can follow through with my plans from the previous question. They are all things that are very important to me. I believe anything is possible if I want to do something, I could do it.

4. What do you think your diploma should be based on, and why do you think you deserve a diploma?

(J) - My mom has always said her goal was to have us know how to learn. I believe I have the skills to know how to learn, I have demonstrated my ability to learn on my own and pursue what interests me. For example I have bought my horses, taught myself guitar and fulfilled my desire to have independence (I have bought a truck and a home for myself).

5. Tell me about your past educational experiences.

(J) – I went to public school till grade 4. I was spoon fed information there and was not taught how to learn. I prefer home schooling because I like to work at my own speed and enjoy the freedom of time to do so.

Some of my favorite learning experiences from my home schooling years would include:

  • Mom's experiment of using classical music to help us learn math. It didn't help us with math but we made up some great stories to match the music.

  • Our trip to California. Some of the highlights were the wax museum, the tour of the aircraft carrier, the tour of the Queen Mary, and the whale watching tour.

  • Our trip to the Vancouver Aquarium.

  • Least favorite memory would be the day math took 6 hours to complete.

6. What skills do you think you possess? Of course there is the typical math and reading. But what about researching necessary information, dealing with people, setting up opportunities for yourself? Tell me about any special skills you have.

(J) – I believe I am a strong reader and pretty competent in math up to the algebra level. I am able to research for information I want or need but would like to improve on following the 'rabbit trails' I come across. I do not feel that I am good writer but I can communicate my ideas and such in conversation. If I am asked questions, I need time to think about my answer before stating what it is. I am a team player, I like to work with others. I am a problem solver, I like to figure things out. My self-management skills are good. I am able to get myself to work on time and use my time efficiently while working. I have an eye for details.

My special skills would include: driving a variety of tractor models, horsemanship, horseback riding, cattle management (moving the herd, sorting, etc), backing up trailers, and playing guitar.

7. From the list on page 50 of the “Job Seekers Handbook”, which attributes do you have that employers are looking for?

Optimism, enthusiasm, motivation, logical thinking, sound judgement, initiative, assertiveness, leadership skills, loyalty, punctuality, an ability to learn, communication skills, problem solving skills, drive and ambition, dependability, responsible, stability, honesty, maturity, friendliness, and an ability to set priorities.

8. What are some of your passions?

(J) – Horses and guitar.

9. List any life experiences that have enabled you to grow into a more mature, wiser and accomplished person.

(J) – Our trip to California, the many experiences working on the ranch, purchasing my horses, purchasing my truck, my education at home instead of public school and my involvement with our Christian community (my extended spiritual family).

Anything else you would like to include?

I would like the opportunity to get a job in the horse industry. A long term goal would be to own a large horse ranch that handles boarding, breeding, rehabilitation of horses and riding lessons.

I would like to stay living in Alberta, in the woods somewhere in a ranch style house.

People I look up to and would consider mentors would be - in my close connections it would include my dad and my uncle John. In the horse industry I look up to Stacy Westfall and Jonathan Field.

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Susan said...

Sweet! I like the idea of an interview. Although I dislike the idea of Jordan "graduating" and becoming more self directing.