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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two of the kittens have been adopted. :o)

Kittens looking for new home -- 3 are 8 weeks old, 1 is 6 weeks old, and 3 are  almost 4 weeks old.  All are outside cats right now.  I have developed a severe allergy to them and they need to find new homes.


These kittens are almost 4 weeks old (in these pictures they are 2.5 to 3 weeks old).


These two are both boys.  Turtle on the left, Mr. Whiskers on the right.

UPDATE:  Mr. Whiskers has been adopted.



This one is a girl, her name is Maybelle.


These ones below are 8 weeks old.


female – Lovely

UPDATE:  Lovely has been adopted.



female – Coppertop



female  --- Little Patches



This one is about 6 weeks old.


male  --- Midnight

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