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Sunday, December 18, 2011

more about “Secrets”

this was posted in the comments section of the “Secrets” article.  This is truth:

rebekah witzke

"Someone gave voice to their secret and in doing so, gave permission for another person to share theirs. Naming the one thing that held them captive for years rendered the secret powerless. All at once, the church at large is beginning to echo the chorus of confession."
I feel this statement points to the crucial piece in seeking truth and being fully known: community. I would argue that this journey can rarely be experienced alone, and that these confessions must be heard first by God, and then by one another- and not by everybody, but by those few trusted people who are willing to come alongside when you are going through the sometimes unattractive process of healing. I count having those people in my life among my greatest blessings.
Great piece. I hope it will spark deeper layers of honesty in families, marriages and friendships.


These words spoke to me:

1.  the need for community

2.  heard by God, then by one another, but not by everybody

3.  the trusted few who come alongside you…

4.  deep layers of honesty  <3

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