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Friday, December 9, 2011

So what have done and experienced since our last facilitator visit?

 I am so thankful for digital “paper trails”.  I have not been recording our learning experiences as much as I used to, so I had to go treasure hunting through pictures, Facebook accounts, blog entries and our calendar to figure out what we have been up to since June.  I know there is much that I didn’t find a paper trail for but here is a collection of what I did find:


1.  Teamwork Projects

-  building table at Stumpy


-  painting out buildings at a friends house

-  building tents (kitchen and dining area) at Stumpy




-  Reader’s Theatre at Stumpy


-  making a movie with friends

-  covering the silage pit


2.  Peak Theatre – Noises Off

3.  Multiple camping trips


4.  Kayaking


5.  Child care (Sarah, Isaiah, and more)



6.  Hosting house guests  (Friesen family, Cheryl, Wanda, Breanna)

7.  Wedding  (Chantal and Steve)

8.  Volunteer at advance polls for PC leader election (in Rocky Mountain House)


9.  Visit Rocky museum


10.  Trip to BC

-  fishing


-  aftermath of  salmon run

11.  Bowling

12.  Swimming

13.  Cattle drive

14.  Ranch Employment (Cattle work and more)

-  Jordan worked 538 hours from June to November

-  Deanna worked 70.5 hours from June to November

15.  Home buying TV shows

-  House Hunters International

-  House Hunters

-  Property Virgins

-  Urban Suburban

16.  build a ramp for Nana’s house



17.  Digital citizenship ( daily interaction via email, texting, Facebook)

-  CBC documentary “Facebook Follies” -

-  The Facebook Obsession  -

-  Discussions on the dangers of Facebook

18.  Digital a cappella music  (so cool!)


19.  Discussed the new distracted driving law -

20.  Documentary about dragons (the stories of dragons in different cultures)

21.  Movies – Courageous, The Grace Card, Slumdog Millionaire, Taming of the Shrew, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Oceans,

22.  Exploring cultural differences -

23.  IMAX–Ride Around the World

The kids watched this video -

Ride Around the World

Journey across Morocco, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Patagonia, Texas and British Columbia, to meet vaqueros, gauchos, baqueanos and cowboys - all part of a single global horse culture, an unbroken trail stretching back 1,500 years.

24.  Read aloud – The Story of God, The Story of Us by Sean Gladding



1.  Horse show with Susan

2.  Deworm the horses

3.  Chain saw work

4.  Sword fighting


5.  Horse back riding

6.  Paintball

7.  Moving hay stacks


8.  Guitar – learning chords

-  book = The Guitar Book: the ultimate guide to playing like the greats

9.  Driver’s education with Gearing Driving School -  (16 hours of class time and 10 hours of driving time)

10.  Passed road test – has his level 1 class 5 licence

He did his parallel park so well he got a handshake from the examiner.  :)

11.  Employed short term with Steve Crawford (saw mill)


12.  GED book = Complete Canadian GED Preparation

13.  Books – Ishbane Conspiracy, Inheritance, Mountain Man Series, various horse magazines (and many others.  Jordan reads so many books and so quickly, that I can’t keep up.)

14.  Ranch Employment

-  haul watering for spraying

-  moving hay stacks

-  various other tasks

15.  Buying a truck – a 1992 GMC Sierra 4x4

16.  Bought himself a new lap top and an iPad2.


1.  Cavalia -


2.  Rabbit breeding project



3.  Dog grooming (Licorice)

4.  Candid photography

5.  Caring for orphan kittens


6.  Pigs

-  New pig – Norton


-  pig breeding --- baby born in Nov


-  new pig from auction


7.  Kijiji shopping  (she is addicted to browsing this website on a regular basis)  :)

8.  Kitten adoptions (had to get rid of all cats due my allergy)  -

9.  Raking hay and other jobs with her summer employment with the ranch

10.  Wicked  -


11.  Sundre Community Choir

-  weekly practices

-  multiple performances


12.  Spent a month in BC

-  baking

-  child care

-  gluten free experiment (now GF fulltime)

-  install trailer hitch and other odd jobs with Warren


13.  Biblical Feasts (my cousin observes the biblical feasts and these are the ones Deanna was able to be a part of while in BC) -

-  Rosh HaShanah (Feast of Trumpets)

-  Weekly Shabbat

-  Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

-  Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)

14.  Purple hair


15.  Considering tiny home project (a great high school project)

No mortgage, no parents. 16 year old Sonoma kid builds his own house -


16.  Goats

-  doctored goats

-  built summer pasture fence for them

-  sold goats – reduced herd

17.  Budgies (pet babysitting for 2 years)

18.  Teaching Textbooks Algebra

dear math

19.  ttp:// 

Wild weather research led to getting to see it in our area -

From my blog:

Well after learning about severe weather this afternoon…

Well after learning about severe weather this afternoon, we got to see it all in action this evening. We did not see a tornado but we did have one touch down on our community -

I think we should learn about winning the lottery tomorrow. 

”(Alex) Good morning, weather fans. For those of you still up (or just getting up!), here are some stats from last night's storms in Alberta:
- 3 tornadoes touched down, near Olds, Bergen and Innisfail
- Tennis ball-sized hail was reported in the Sundre area
- Sundre also received 60 mm of rain in 2 hours
- One cell south of Edmonton produced 2,000 lightning strikes in 25 minutes”


20.  Poems -

Tears fill my eyes
As I lay you to rest
Back to earth you go
I wish you the best...
For a short time you were with me
Now left you have
I believe there's a heaven
For even pigs I have...
My heart fills with sorrow
As you pass away
But always I love you
No matter the day...
Good bye my sweet little pig, I only knew you for a day, but that day was wonderful :)
RIP Miracle ♥


Swoon I do
At thy glorious embrace
As my hands
Caress thy face
Moon and night
Star and fire
Bring forth passion
Fresh desire
Lost in your eye's
Melted by thy touch
Reminders of why
I love YOU so much...


I love Rabbits...
There so soft, so small, so warm...
So annoying, so odd, so sweet...
And most of all I like, there big thumping back feet!


Friends always understand :)
Friends can make you mad:(
Friends make me glad :)
Guy friends don't mind :)
Friends are kind :)
Girl friends know how to party! :)
Best friends are always sorry :)
Guy friends are smarties ;)


Friends again!
Friends forever!
Friends love!
Always and forever!


I like a boy
But I'm to scared to say
Who he is
Or what's his name.
I like a boy
I hope he likes me
He makes me laugh
Tee hee hee!
I like a boy
But what do I say
I think about this
Night and day!
I like a boy
I just wanted to say
He'll tell me his feelings
I hope some day? :)

21.  Deanna installed the program "Real Lives" ( and has been trying out different lives from around the world.

22.  Deanna did data entry for the Ranch (sickness and treatment records).  She seemed to enjoy this task.

23.  Deanna and I had a great talk on the way home one day about what different people’s goals and dreams are.  Her friend wants a high paying job because money is very important to her and she cannot understand why Deanna isn’t chasing the all mighty dollar and wants such a simple lifestyle.  Isn't it  interesting how different things make us tick.  :)

24.  Trapping moles

25.  Deanna has become a voracious reader.  Her current favorite authors are Stephenie Meyer, P.C. Cast and Kirsten Cast, and Kelley Armstrong.

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