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Monday, February 13, 2012

Let go, Get out of the way and Let God! :o)

Just listened to this podcast for a second time so I could take notes – The Painful Process of Transformation ( 
The parts of the conversation that spoke to me had to do with raising our teens and even participating in the lives of others with their journey with God.  Our human default is to try and manipulate or control others instead of letting them live out their life and their journey with God.  The world chooses to execute control and power over others but that wasn’t Jesus’s way – He chose to love people right where they were in their lives and in winning their hearts, He had them for life. 
Here are some notes I took from this podcast:
-  how we are duped into the “illusion” of control
-  servant leadership, participating in what God is doing in others lives
-  if you dictate the ins and outs of life for your children then they will learn to relate to you for that function instead of relating to God for that function
-  we need to be nurturing our kids to go to God in their life
-  the more you demand respect, the less you have
-  even if you can get an outward conformity to your ways for a season, it will breed a inward contempt that will have negative consequences down the road
-  “left handed power” – loving and serving –> the influence you gain in a life because someone knows you love them  (Jesus used this kind of power)
-  love and serve people into LIFE
-  Let love win what compulsion can never win
-  our love for them should be greater than our desire to control them
-  God desires to grow them and lead them.  Ask God, “What are you doing in their lives?  How can I help them come to You for guidance and counsel?”
-  I don’t want their security to be in me but in their ability to always access Him!
-  grace in the face of failure
-  grace triumphing over failure (sin) and renewing relationship instead of executing rules that would break relationship (see above note about love vs compulsion)
-  if you choose rules over people (relationship), you will lose that heart.  Love TRANSFORMS us.  Choose love.
-  let God do His working, don’t try to fix it yourself
-  tell God –> “here is my impulse on what should be done, but please step in and help me choose Your way.”
*** How do I serve what God is doing in the lives of the people I love?
***  I am going to let LOVE win what compulsion will never win.

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