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Sunday, February 26, 2012

letting go of some relationships…


This lesson keeps coming up in my life…

from this website:

“A word of advice, if something does not bring you Joy, true Godly Joy, then get it out of your way. Including relationships. Some folks we are called to fellowship with everyday and others are just plain a trap to drain you. Years ago I got a huge revelation. I had spent many years trying to please and get along with an extended family member. No matter what I did it backfired I finally cried out to the Lord and asked why it was so hard. His reply was eye opening.  He said He never called me to do it. Wow! So I had spent years upon years doing what looked like a good thing but was not a “God thing”. No wonder it was so hard. Some people will never be happy, no NOBODY will ever truly be happy until they submit to Jesus. And if you are and they aren’t well, it is like hot and cold meeting in the sky, produces hurricanes and tornadoes. A relationship like that will suck up those in it’s path and cause destruction.  So, the answer? Love them, be polite, but give it to God, stop trying, stop wearing the burden, stop trying to make it work. Love from a distance if necessary. It is better to love from a distance and still have love in your heart than to have constant strife up close. Re-examine what the Word says about family, who really is family? What does He say about it?  Of course now that I am doing the God thing, I am accused of doing the wrong thing, but hey, I would rather please the Lord and be free than please a million folks who are looking for a reason to pick anyway. And my hubby agrees and we are in unity. Freedom is priceless.”

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