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Wednesday, April 18, 2012



Another perspective…

Why I Quit the Church -

followed up with…

How a guy who went to strip clubs helped me go back to church -


quotes from the above two posts:

    -  Not all who wander are lost.  Indeed.  But I would add this...Not all who wander are lost...but all who wander are searching.

    Church isn't a weird, secret club, it's a feast and there's room for everyone at the table. (And I do mean EVERYONE).

    I believe wandering must be a part of following Jesus, because the more we wander, the more we meet people to invite to the feast.

    Along the way I bumped into people who time and time again served as blockades of grace that helped me slow down until I finally realized this: What Christ laid out in the gospels doesn’t need any improvement.

    -  And when my children look at me I want them to see hope instead of cynicism. I want them to see a dad who gets it wrong a lot, but knows where to turn when I fall.  Because we don’t need more people trying to fix the church, we just need people to be the church.


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