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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I love community!


“Our family recently experienced this while visiting new friends on their very secluded working farm where they live in community. For some time now our hearts have been desiring to live in community but not knowing how it really looks or works. On average, most western communities have homes close together that range in price, size and amenities. For the most part those living within them don’t even know their neighbors much less have intimate relationships. How many actually live in communities with like minded believers, sharing, encouraging, working, learning and living life together as describes in the book of Acts? ”

From a blog post written by Stephanie at

Check out the pictures of community in action at this blog post as well.  Smile


This blog post wrote about community as well:

“Last August I went to Pennsic—it’s like a massive Renaissance faire, only instead of going home at the end of the day, you camp out with 10,000+ people for two weeks straight. I stayed in a tent with a waterproof bin full of clothes, a camping cot and sleeping bag, a cooler for food, and my ipod. And I was happier there than I had been all summer. I struggle with an anxiety disorder, and I realized afterward that I had not had a single panic attack since I unglued myself from the debt-ceiling negotiation news coverage, drove to Pennsic, and spent two weeks without news media fearmongering.

I loved that people there ate meals together around the campfire or at picnic tables set up in common areas. Most people had their own tents for sleeping in, and aside from that everything else in the campsite was shared space for socializing. In the real world everyone is so obsessed with having “their own” of everything and not having to share, from appliances and bathrooms to outdoor space and swimming pools, and I think that can isolate people. When I came back from Pennsic I gave my TV to my sister, and when something came up that I absolutely had to watch (i.e. my favorite football team in the playoffs!) I had so much fun going to a packed sports bar with friends and watching games with tons of other cheering fans.”

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