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Monday, April 30, 2012

Kids need a rest and a time to process what they are learning --- great article to think about…

Some Thoughts on The Sabbath of Learning by Carroll Smith

Quote from the above article":

“The idea of completion is key to the point that I wish to make.  God completed his creation on the Sabbath (Genesis 2:2).  As God completed his creation on the Sabbath, so children need “time” as Heschel refers to the Sabbath to complete their learning.  In this sense, new learning (not packed-in atomized information), is a new creation for children.  After learning something new children need a Sabbath, a time to process, internalize, to find pleasure in the new learning, and to make connections to previous learning.  The new creation (new learning) is not complete without this Sabbath.  Frequently children do this when they are playing or having “time” that their minds can work on the new learning.  An example is the seven year old who said that he remembered what he learned in the morning during recess.”

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