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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What a great morning… (posted two days later)

It has been a lovely Sunday morning.  No rushed pace.  A coffee or two.  And the BEST part were our discussions this morning.  We discussed politics (Left wing, Right wing, NDP, Conservative, Liberal, etc).  We discussed the pros and cons of each party.  We discussed how we cannot quite see past what is being promised into what it will look like it the long run, what the long term affects will be.  And then this discussion evolved into a discussion about community and relationships.  We have noticed how so many in our world are craving relationship community.  Wes said our Creator has written this need in our hearts.  We talked about certain organization give the feel of community but they fall short over the long term.  That there is only One bond, His bond that gives full and true community.  I shared how relationships in our lives will be for a reason, a season or a lifetime, and how all three have merit to pursue.  It was just such a good morning of sharing and learning.

After we had all parted ways to go and do our daily tasks, I was thinking to myself that when the student is ready, the lesson will appear.  But then I saw how quite often the lesson is being presented to us over and over in our lives BUT when we are ready, the lesson will appear and we will LEARN the lesson.  I think that is more accurate.  And the reason I think this is because it was Jordan who started the conversation with asking about left wing versus right wing.  So he is learning in context of what is happening in his world (the provincial election) and thus asked the question.  He was ready to move up to the next level (if we want to talk in a video gaming learning scope).

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