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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Your Story Is Your Own

I am slowly learning this lesson… “Your Story Is Your Own.”  You can read about it here –

Here are some of the comments written by other readers:

    • Yes, it is hard to let others live their own story when you know how destructive it is…I’ve been on that path. God is good tho and he never gives up, ever.
    • Learning to give people the space to live their own stories, then to speak into them with truth and love and grace is hard work.
    • “I thought if I could dump scripture over her like a bucket of ice water, she would give up the things that were so clearly harming her.”  Christian parents make this same mistake all the time – I know. I’m a Christian parent. We forget that each one’s story is their own. We assume too much responsibility for their souls.


LoriD said...

We are TAUGHT that we are responsible for their souls...

We are to train them in the way they should go AND when they are OLD they will not depart from it.....

It doesn't say what happens in between....that's THEIR journey part.

I know hard....but God has a plan (I keep repeating to myself)....

LoriD said...

I realized that by highlight TAUGHT that it might come across wrong. What I meant is that as a Christian society we are taught that IF we teach our children right we should get the "product". When that doesn't happen blame is put on the parents and guilt ensues and more judgment etc., etc.,

Really's THEIR journey.