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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I do hope you decide to stay

I just read this blog post about a person wrestling on what a missionary is as reflected in their own life (you can read it here –

I really loved this portion of the post:

““What would you say to someone who doesn’t believe?”

He asks this as he’s pulling up to the curb. I have known this was to come, I have rolled around in my mind the question of what to say. I hate the Roman road, the pithy pitch, the overly trite explanation of an overly infinite God.

“I read a book once, by Holly Ordway. She was an atheist who ended up converting to Christianity. She writes that on her journey, there came a point where she was aware of God, but was uncertain what that meant. Her friend, aware of this, answers rather simply that he could give a lot of quotes, a lot of arguments, but the truth was she was standing on the edge of the most radiant and beautiful kingdom, that it was a beauty so good how could anyone ever want something else. And he said then what I would say to someone who doesn’t believe: I do hope you decide to stay.””

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