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Friday, March 1, 2013

Some stuff I have been reading today…


1.  My Yoke is easy, my burden is light… – “This is one of these verses which sounds nice and for a while you can take comfort in it.  Until things really just get pushed too far and you realize that you have no idea what the blazes it’s supposed to mean and it doesn’t even seem to be true as far as you can see.  What is Jesus’ yoke anyways? ” --


2.  Book – “The Way”.  -- “Here’s something he wrote about God:

If I were to sit down and try to think out the kind of God I would like to see in the universe, I couldn’t come up with anything higher than that He should be like Christ.

Me too! Strange how Jesus still gets a ninety percent favorability rating in the United States and the God that religion presents gets blamed for disasters and bashed for being a bully. And you know what, God is just like Jesus. He loves broken humanity and seeks to rescue men and women from all the places they got lost in the world and draw them back to his house as beloved children. That’s what Jesus showed us in his humility, compassion, truthfulness, and graciousness. Jesus is a far better representation of God than anything religion has produced.

So why don’t people believe? ” --


3.  Luther suggested Christians should meet together in a different way… – “For Luther, the public service in both Latin and German are for the purpose of exposing unbelievers to the Gospel. Notice that he does not see these services as being for Christians. So, what does Luther proscribe for believers? Keep reading for his “third sort of divine service”: ” --


4.  Meeting and Eating – “meals can also be used to bring people together, sharing in common what God has provided, speaking and listening as each one expresses their struggles, their hopes, and what God is doing in their lives.Sharing a meal can be like sharing a part of yourself….” --



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