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Saturday, March 2, 2013

the cross

"The cross does not satisfy the anger of God, it satisfies His most holy love. The self-sacrifice of Jesus reveals that God is not the bloodthirsty deity we imagined. It was humanity that murdered him. We were the angry deities that needed to be satisfied. The cross exposes humanity’s violence; in this act, in which He allows evil to do its worst to Him, He exposes and thereby destroys evil.
The cross was not necessitated by an angry revengeful god. Neither was the cross the necessary payment to satisfy a god who is bound by a sense of justice that demands blood. In other words, the idea that God is a judge who just couldn’t get over our sin, is replaced with the revelation that God is a Father, who simply couldn’t get over His children. It is God who takes the initiative to identify with us to the uttermost, and in doing so, bring healing to both the victims and the perpetrators of evil."

Baxter Kruger

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