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Friday, April 19, 2013

Help for the hard times…

How did David handle the seasons of darkness in his life? And can we learn from him?

“Here’s how he survived the dry and torturous moments when he could have sworn God had left him. Quite simply, he would take a mental journey into the past. According to his own personal journal in Psalm chapter forty-two, verses five and six— written in conjunction with his chief songwriters— he would intentionally recall those times in his past when God spoke, intervened, provided, answered, and protected in undeniable ways. By journeying into his past, he revisited God’s fingerprints that were all over his life. He reviewed the evidence that God had faithfully been present in his life. And, as you can understand, these remembrances assured him that even though God might seem distant or silent at any given moment, He really hadn’t gone anywhere. He was still presently active in David’s current circumstances. Always had been. And always would be. These remembrances gave him hope. And I’ve said all that to say this— each of us needs to nail down every God-known intervention, every protection, every revelation, every encouragement, and every answer in our past as a recognized memorial, a memorial that we can go back to over and over again as a reminder of His faithful involvement in our life. Such memorials will help us survive those dark, lonely, and scary days that we’ll inevitably face." --Arthur, Randall, "Forgotten Road"



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