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Monday, April 15, 2013

LOVE this… I can see something like this at the King’s Place



Living Together --

quote from the “Living Together” post – “An interesting paradox exists today.  In a recent documentary, Happy, the filmmakers identify elements that contribute to human happiness, drawing from cultures all over the world.   A sense of community ranked in the top five, along with other interesting characteristics not foreign to genuine expressions of Christianity.  While humans crave this, our culture has all but lost it.  Substitutes for real community, such as social networking, do attempt to fill a need – yet don’t require much in the way of the hard work that goes into living in close community.  We can turn it off – shut it out – hide the bits we don’t like.”


Anonymous said...

THIS is SO awesome -- I totally see this!! I loved the comment "invite people into my junk" LOL awesome such great things in this piece!!

Susan said...

I feel like I am failing the physical community I live in today because I don't live this way now. I am waiting for the day when I am more perfect, know more, live somewhere else, or have different resources or abilities; when God calls me to community today.