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Saturday, August 10, 2013

So I am thinking Chris may have ADHD…

So I am thinking Chris may have ADHD.  It has been asked of me before if I thought he may have it but I always dismissed it because he is not hyper like other ADD kids I have known.  But information has been coming across my desk lately that has made me reconsider.  From one info graphic I found it seems there are kind of three branches of ADHD.  Here is the info graphic (I don’t remember the source but I will try to find it and put a link up here to it).



Now according to this chart, I think Chris mostly fits into the second column.  Many of his behaviours are a form of being hyper I guess.  So now I am trying to figure how to proceed from here with this new found knowledge.

One blogger is doing a series on ADHD.  Here are her posts:

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In the comments section of this post, there is a chart that a mom uses with her son to help him calm down. 

“1) It's not so bad.
2) Breathe slowly. Relax your shoulders. Count to 10.
3) Don't beat yourself up. Hit a pillow - anything besides YOURSELF
4) Meditate and pray, chant for peace inside your head. Sing our song. (we do this together)
5) Tell your story - slowly.
6) Take control. 'I am in charge of my own choices and perception'
7) Find small physical distractions. Squeeze a stress ball. Pet our Dog.
8) Talk. Be respectful though. Don't suffer in silence.
9) Tell how you want to turn the situation around.
10) You're not always going to get your way, so don't expect to. Don't plan on everything to come out perfectly

my blog: http://homeschoolandwork.blogs...

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