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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Force Four Entertainment is producing Village on a Diet, a ten- part national CBC Television series that provides one town chosen from across Canada with a team of experts to help them get healthy, and lose weight!


This is an interesting opportunity for Sundre. And interesting if you are interested in losing weight.

The CBC are planning a TV series about towns who work together to lose weight. Sundre is being considered for Season 2 next year, but the producers want to know that people in the area are really committed to this. The Chamber of Commerce is in favour because it would be good exposure for the town, good for business in the area, and good for the health of the people. There is more information below. I have attached a flyer that can be posted, and a questionnaire. The producers would like the questionnaire filled out by individuals and faxed or emailed back by Monday or Tuesday so they can make a proposal on Wednesday. Short notice, but it is important. They are really interested in what the goals of losing weight are, and what people think they would do if they lost weight.

Send in the questionnaire yourself or pass it on to family and friends in the Sundre area. The more responses they have,the better our chances to be selected.




Good Afternoon Everyone,

Thank you for your incredible response to this possible event!  Below is the information as has been supplied to us so far about the Live Right Now.  We are hoping to be one of the 6 short listed communities across Canada and stand a very good chance at that.

For the past few days I have been in contact with the representative from Force Four Entertainment (CBC's affiliate) and have been sharing plenty of information.  What we need to do in Sundre is generate support as much as possible.  If you or your organization would like to send a letter of support in bringing this event to Sundre it would increase our chances of being the chosen community.  As for monetary support, we are not at that point to be looking for sponsors or donations but if you are willing to do so, please mention that in your letter of support and we will be sure to take you up on that offer upon further decisions by CBC.  Sundre's Town Council will be making a decision regarding support on December 13th, 2010 at the regular Council meeting.

On another note - if you have any back up information that would solidify our need for a weight loss/living well program such as this in Sundre please forward that info to me.

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call or email.  Also if you know of another organization that may support this program, please forward this information to them.

Thank you very much! 

Kim Galloway

Economic Development & Sustainability Coordinator

Town of Sundre

P: (403) 638-3551

F: (403) 638-2100



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Hello Kim - 

I'm a television producer working with Force Four Entertainment, an award-winning television production company based in Vancouver.   On behalf of CBC Television, we are searching for a town to be featured in a national primetime series that's part of a new CBC health initiative called Live Right Now.  The series focuses on lifestyle and behaviour changes that will help improve the health of people with weight problems.  The exposure for the town would be similar to the Hockeyville program, for example, but would last for 10 weeks.  

The series itself is called "Village on a Diet."  Season one will launch on January 3rd and it features the town of Taylor, B.C. as it embarks on a 3 month journey toward a healthier lifestyle for its community - by working together to lose a collective weight of 2000 pounds.  This is a groundbreaking series in Canada and one that will undoubtedly become a flagship program for the CBC.  Here is a link to the CBC’s promo for the series, which should give you a pretty good idea of what it’s about:

The program synopsis is also attached below.

We are now in the process of looking for the next community to feature should CBC decide to go forward with Season 2 - and we wonder if  Sundre may be interested in participating.  I'm not sure exactly what challenges your community faces specifically with regards to health and weight, but as you can imagine, the series will create an opportunity for people to make important life changes for the better and by doing so as part of this program, they showcase their community on national television.  With that in mind, we’re looking for a community that has great character, beauty and spirit; one which can be an example to the rest of the country by showing that it’s possible for a community to band together to change their lives. 

At this stage of the process we're hoping to identify a town which meets the following criteria:

- A significant overweight and obesity problem, higher than the provincial and national averages;

- a health unit and / or town council that is motivated to do something about the problem;

- Population between 2000 – 5000;

- An attractive town in a picturesque setting;

- Community centre, recreation facilities, outdoor playing fields;

- Some natural fitness opportunities nearby - hills to climb, hiking trails, rivers, lakes, beaches;

- Support from local businesses who may want to aid the effort with contributions of time, money, or merchandise to aid the effort – sponsoring community fitness events, for example;

- Most importantly, a significant part of the population and town leadership eager to be involved, and willing to commit a significant amount of time over the three months that shooting takes place.

We're doing a cross Canada search, but we're eager to look to Alberta for interest.   I know this is a lot to digest, but I would love to chat with you about it further if you think Sundre could be interested.  You can reach me anytime at the number and email below.  

Warm regards,

Laurie Case

Force Four Entertainment

Suite 202-221 East 10th Ave.

Vancouver, BC  Canada V5T 4V1

Direct: (604) 839-9870

"Village on a Diet" Synopsis

With childhood obesity rates tripling in the past 25 years, Canadians are now bringing up the first generation of children who may not outlive their parents. Obesity has become the most serious threat to our national well-being, as rates of chronic disease skyrocket. Nowhere is this health crisis more critical than in Taylor, B.C.—a small town with a very big problem: over 60% of its population is overweight or obese.

Collectively, they’ve vowed to lose literally a ton of weight in just three gruelling months. To help motivate and educate them, a die-hard team of experts has come to town, including a doctor, dietician, chef, psychologist and two of the most hardcore trainers Canada has ever seen. On top of dramatically overhauling their lifestyles, each week the people of Taylor will face tough new diets and fitness tasks that challenge their commitment to losing weight. For instance, how will this meat-loving, truck-driving community cope with seven straight days of eating vegetarian and traveling everywhere by foot or bicycle? As the townspeople alternate between fierce competition and inspiring cooperation, they soon find themselves and their personal relationships pushed to the brink. But to achieve their goal, they’ll have to push and pull each other every step of the way. Because if this town is going to succeed, there’s only one way to do it—and that’s together. Village On A Diet is a groundbreaking series in its scope, its authenticity and—perhaps most of all—its potential to shake up Canada by engaging viewers in a real conversation about their health, and motivating them to get off their couches to do something about it.

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