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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It is a full moon tonight…


and that means I can’t sleep even though I am dog tired.  So here I am at 12:41pm wandering the house.  I figure why not make some tea and post some pictures.  :o)  The tea is almost ready…



LOOK at what I got from Wes!

A Kitchen Aid mixer has been on my want list for a long time.


Isn’t it pretty!



Deanna finally got the tree up on Monday night.  She wanted to do it earlier this month but we have been so busy that it just had to wait.  But it all worked out.  Papa was home from his away job, so him and Nana were able to be here for it.

P1130423 P1130424

Remember a while ago I wrote about the PERPLEXUS.  We had seen it at a friend’s house and Jordan became fixated with it.  So I ordered one from Chapters and it finally came in the mail today.  Both Jordan and Deanna gave it a try.  When we were at the Erickson’s, Jordan was able to get up to 96 on the track (out of 100) and then we had to leave.  But at midnight tonight there was a knock at my door asking me to come and take a picture…

P1130427 P1130428

Jordan had finally conquered the Perplexus… he made it to the 100 spot.

Way to go Jordan!

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